Tessa Wallace

Media and Marketing Coordinator

Tessa Wallace


Born and bred in Caloundra, Tessa began her journey at Local Agent in 2012, coming off the back of competing at the London Olympics. She manages to work part-time at Local Agent in the midst of her intense swim training schedule, leading up to the Commonwealth Games 2018. She is also finishing her last semester in PR and Journalism at USC.

"Being a professional athlete, I have developed a determination and work-ethic like no other, and I have seamlessly been able to transfer these values to my work here at Local Agent." 

Along with being disciplined and dedicated to her work,  Tessa has an incredibly friendly and genuine personality. Using her skills and qualifications she has taken on the role of media and marketing coordinator, assisting with delivering a positive and larger online presence to Local Agent. 

" Social media and marketing are incredibly vital in today's age for every business. The business needs to show it can stay up to date with current trends and clients expectations, and ensure it is delivering the best and most efficient services, both online and offline."

She also offers her assistance in the Holiday Caloundra department, taking enquiries and other administrative duties.

She has an inner-desire to ensure everything she does it to the best of her ability, and her perseverance carries her through the most difficult of situations. 

" I have had multiple setbacks, but have learnt the only way is forward. It's no different in the working environment, times can get tough and stressful but I have learnt how to revel on that."