Anthea Cush

Senior Property Manager

Anthea Cush


Anthea has been a property manager on the Sunshine Coast since 2003, and has worked with us at Local Agent since 2007.

Anthea performs her job with a high level of accuracy, professionalism and experience. After 10 years in this job she has an exceptional and deep knowledge of building and maintenance issues. Complicated and extensive necessary repairs and renovations are sorted out with a thoroughness that would be unrivalled in many other offices. In this era where much of property management is viewed through a lens of risk management, Anthea is an asset to any owner who wants their property to be comprehensively cared for. Other staff in the office regularly see Anthea for a second opinion and this can be invaluable in avoiding unnecessary costs from tradespeople.

Our entry condition reports are prepared by Anthea, and many tenants sign the document with dropped jaws when they see the level of detail that is included: from the number and location of each dent on every wall to the approximately 300 colour high res photos that are stored in our archives.

Anthea’s other skill is in dispute resolution, especially when resolving situations where tenants have vacated a property. Thorough reports and reasonable discussions with the tenants results in costs being agreed to be taken out of bond and avoiding the delays and costs in having to go to tribunal for bond dispute matters. Any disputes that she has had to take to Qcat have resulted in a 100% success rate judged in the owners favour due to a thorough knowledge of the legal processes.