set sale

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Since our adoption of Set Sale®, our experience has shown this method to consistently outperform auction and private sales in results achieved for our clients. Set Sale® has the following benefits:

1. Market Valuation. First, an independent valuer provides a market valuation - not rival agents who may give wildly different opinions, or worse, give a high opinion in an effort to secure your business.

2. Buyers look in ranges, not a particular amount down to the last dollar. Recognizing this aspect of human behaviour, a Buyer Inquiry Range® is set to invite more potential buyers to inspect the property than is possible with a single set price.

3. The ‘Value At’ figureinforms the Buyer at what point the property is considered fair buying, This is the point at which we recommend Buyers begin their negotiation.

3. Like an auction, a deadline of 30 days is set giving buyers a time limit to respond and therefore compete.

4. Intensive Exposure. Properties are then marketed through a high impact promotion period similar to an auction providing buyers plenty of opportunity to see a property.

5. Two Buyer Options. Buyers can either make an offer at any time or they have a soft option and can register their interest without having to declare their price and will be contacted when other offers are received.

6. No Restrictions. Setting pre-conditions can eliminate at least 30% of the buyers, the sale can be subject to any conditions agreed between yourself and the buyer.

7. No Auction Stress. Because there is no auction, tension for both the buyer and you is reduced. This is the most stress free user-friendly system for all concerned.

8. Private Negotiation. Finally, the most important feature of all is the private 3-phase negotiation of the Set Sale® strategy. With a fixed price you get less than you ask. With an auction, the price you receive will only be a little more than the second best bidder because it is an open bidding system. This doesn’t happen with Set Sale®. rival bids are not disclosed. Therefore buyers are encouraged to offer what they are truly prepared to pay to secure the property.

‘Set Sale® is proving to be the most successful strategy ever devised for selling real estate. It consistently outperforms auction and private sale in terms of dollars achieved and time on the market. Set Sale® is part of a range of New Age selling techniques devised and pioneered by real estate writer and trainer, David Pilling.

Many agents still overprice properties for private sale in an effort to obtain the Vendor’s business, or in a mistaken effort to get the best price, and then watch them languish on the market. They are then faced with the odious task of convincing their vendor to reduce the price to 'meet the market'. No-one is happy.

Other vendors endure the time and cost of up to six long weeks of marketing prior to a very public auction where they are encouraged to accept the last bid from a smiling buyer who may be expecting to pay much more. Alternatively the vendor's expectations are not achieved or there are no genuine bidders and the property is passed-in. All subsequent selling efforts are tainted by the publicity given to a failed auction and the property ultimately sells at an unsatisfactory price. Again, no-one is happy.

Set Sale® was devised specifically because of these problems and overcomes them all. This method utilises an independent valuation and markets the property within a predetermined range, encompassing the highest expectations of the vendor without overpricing the property. Actual sales experience shows that this method attracts a far wider range of prospective purchasers, and therefore more competition between buyers, which means a higher price. The Set Sale® method is private and not stressful for vendors and purchasers alike.

The peak selling period with Set Sale® is less than two weeks which has all of the benefits of an auction without the anxiety and high marketing costs. The Set Sale® process is uncomplicated but is tightly controlled and only authorised agents who are fully trained may conduct a Set Sale®.

We wish to make it quite clear that Buyer Ranged® and Buyer Inquiry Range® is not the Estimated Selling Price but a Buyer Inquiry Range® where we suggest if a Purchaser is looking in this range they may be interested in this property and we recommend an inspection.’