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Dear Anthea & Kylie,

You get what you pay for - the old saying "you get what you pay for" is certainly true when it comes to property management in Caloundra.

Unfortunately, we were lured by the prospect of discounted rates for the first twelve months' management of our investment property.
It wasn't long before we began to regret our decision on price over professionalism. It proved to be an expensive error on our behalf.

The lack of communication and miscommunication between the agency, the tenant and our-selves became immediately apparent. A complete breakdown in relations between the parties soon followed, which ultimately resulted in unnecessary stress for all involved.

Late payments, unpaid invoices, unreported issues, and unresolved disputes led us to abandon the management agreement before the discount period was complete.

Our decision to enter a new property management agreement with the team at Local Agent was a completely different experience.
From the beginning, the Local Agent team took full control of the property's management and took the pressure off us.

The Local Agent team terminated the previous tenancy and promptly found us a much more suitable tenant.
The team helped us recover most of our losses and saved us hundreds of dollars in the process of restoring our property to a tenantable condition between the two tenancies.

We are confident we are dealing with a very professional property management team. The marginal difference in costs is strongly outweighed by the benefits.
Clear communication, prompt payments, regular inspections, reporting and resolution of issues as they arise are the norm. We are greatly relieved.

Peace of mind and being able to sleep better at night, through knowing your property is being properly managed, cannot be measured in monetary terms.
We have no hesitation in recommending Local Agent Caloundra as truly professional property managers.

Many Thanks
Peter Cahill and Tatkana Weiss

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35 George Street, Moffat Beach QLD 4551

“We are only too happy to attest to the excellent service

Eric Murray has provided to us in the sale of our property”

Kevin & Christine Wood, 10 Tristania St Aroona



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