fixed price

There may be occasions where selling your home through a privately negotiated sale may provide the best results for you. Selling your home privately is a less intense way of marketing. Here, a fixed asking price is set, where buyers at that price point will be drawn and attracted by our marketing. Generally, property marketed by the "fixed price method" is considered reactive to market with sellers content to sell in the 30-90 day fine period.

It is critical to establish the correct selling price before undertaking a private sale. This ensures that the home is not undersold, or that it is not priced higher than the market will pay, resulting in a loss of valuable time and money. This is where the experience, expertise, professionalism and integrity of your Local Agent becomes pivotal to your success.

At Local Agent, we are systemised and structured to ensure that our property pricing is accurate. We have been managing properties on the Sunshine Coast since 1992, and have become experts on our local suburbs. We are experienced at valuing homes so they are priced just right for you and the market.

So, if this is a method you would like to explore in the sale of your Sunshine Coast real estate, contact your Local Agent property management team member and we can discuss with you further.