buyer ranged

The Buyer Ranged® method of selling, like Set Sale®, is an exciting new alternative to the "traditional" ways of selling, and has the following features:

1. Market Appraisal.First, your Sales Consultant researches and provides you with a current market appraisal that is based on evidence: comparable properties to yours that have recently sold. It is not based on the asking price of properties that are currently on the market and haven’t sold.

Remember: ALWAYS ask your Local Agent to justify their selection of comparable properties!

2. Buyers look in ranges, not a particular amount down to the last dollar. Recognizing this aspect of human behaviour, a Buyer Inquiry Range® is set. It invites Buyers who are looking in that range, to inspect the property, as it could be of interest to them. The Buyer Inquiry Range® invites more potential buyers to inspect the property than is possible with a single set price and addresses the problem of the Buyer / Seller pricing gap.

3. The ‘Value At’ figureinforms the Buyer at what point the property is considered fair buying, This is the point at which we recommend Buyers begin their negotiation.

‘Buyer Ranged® selling eliminates the problems associated with fixed price selling and the Buyer / Seller Pricing Gap, where sellers put an asking price on their home which may be 10% above the market price, while very few buyers look above market price. Buyers, in fact, generally look about 10-15% lower than what they finally pay.

That is often a gap of 20-25% between a seller's & buyer's initial expectations.

Because of this pricing gap, many buyers miss out on seeing their dream home,as it appears too dear, and many sellers miss out on finding the right buyer. The result is that their property languishes on the market and eventually sells for what the right buyer would have paid for it in the first place.

Buyer Ranged® selling, instead of marketing with a single fixed price (or no price at all, like auction), markets property within a Buyer Inquiry Range. This has the result of attracting MORE potential buyers, including those looking below the price they will eventually pay, and the dream price the vendor would ideally like. An added benefit with Buyer Ranged® selling is that the level of inquiry in the home, where a price range is used, is usually increased, producing more buyers and more offers.

This places a vendor in a much better negotiating position. With Buyer Ranged®, sellers generally achieve much better prices in quicker time than with traditional, fixed price private sale. Selling by the Buyer Ranged® process is exclusively licensed to Local Agent Caloundra.

We wish to make it quite clear that Buyer Ranged® and Buyer Inquiry Range® is not the Estimated Selling Price but a Buyer Inquiry Range® where we suggest if a Purchaser is looking in this range they may be interested in this property and we recommend an inspection.